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11.02.2018г. Michael.

I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of Belarusian products and by the immediate response to my enquiry. I especially like the fact that everything was delivered in a modern reinforced package.

19.05.2018г. Anastasia.

I want to thank the company for a good and painstaking approach, timely production and delivery on time.

06.09.2018г. Marina.

I ordered EViRO gypsum panels and partitions for my living room. They look so beautiful! My workers have installed everything by themselves. But I know that they were constantly asking the EViRO specialists for advice.


I ordered some EViRO panels and crown moldings for built-in lighting. During the installation I deliberately asked the workers about the product quality. They said that it was very good and that everything fit perfectly. Throughout the installation, they were advised by the EViRO specialist. After the remodeling my wife was happy to see the room! She was amazed by the lighting panels! Another surprise was the delivery. It was very fast and inexpensive. I recommend EViRO!


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