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Since the introduction into the market in 2012, the company has been pursuing the idea of creating new, modern and extraordinary end-products for interior and exterior design.

EViRO aims not only at the beauty of the final product, but also at the safety of the materials used.

EViRO products are environmentally friendly; they do not contain harmful chemicals and do not emit toxic substances that threaten health. The company uses natural raw materials only.

EViRO products are practical, durable and easy to clean.

EViRO is the largest manufacturer of interior decoration items! The wide range of EViRO products includes:

  • more than 100 collections of 3d gypsum  panels;
  • 3d gypsum partitions;
  • gypsum lighting fixtures and built-in LED lighting;
  • gypsum moldings;
  • 3d gypsum panels with lighting;
  • gypsum panels for the Armstrong system;
  • gypsum modular systems;
  • gypsum stone;
  • soft panels made of leather, textiles, velour, suede, etc.;
  • furniture;
  • 3d oak panels.

EViRO monitors global trends in the field of finishing materials. EViRO gypsum products are exactly the kind of finish that is regularly chosen by designers and architects for their projects. Gypsum and glass fiber are the main materials used for the manufacture. Thanks to them, EViRO products do not crack, peal or lose their appearance with time. Gypsum products are non-flammable, which is required for finishing of residential and public spaces.

The field of EViRO products application is broad: kitchens, bedrooms, children's rooms, living rooms, dining rooms, offices, conference rooms, fitness clubs, beauty salons, shops, boutiques, karaoke, restaurants, medical facilities, hotels, etc.

Modern 3D finish is one of the main areas of EViRO work. Decorative 3D elements allow implementing complex interior design projects. EViRO materials are flexible in terms of style: depending on the room design, they can be artificially aged, painted in a certain color or patterned on request, which will undoubtedly help you in making your home look expensive.

Our clients’ interests always come first. EViRO advantages are:

  • high-quality products
  • nature– and eco-friendliness
  • EViRO showroom
  • delivery to any place at any time
  • all products availability
  • all items individually packed and sealed securely
  • custom-made 3D panels on request
  • 1st-class-quality certificate for all products



Buying from EViRO, you receive your products faster than from a European manufacturer. We guarantee a professional and careful approach. We have already implemented lots of projects. Famous artists and businessmen choose EViRO products, as there is a wide selection of items for the interior and exterior.

We also work according to individual drawings. You can give us any geometry and an artistic drawing of any complexity.

Once you choose EViRO, there are no boundaries!


Please, leave your contact and we will get back to you

Please, leave your contact and we will get back to you

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EViRO main office:
03183 Torrevieja, Av. Habaneras 74
+34-657-788-197 (ru/es)
+34-688-209-833 (ru/es)
+34-688-209-833 (ru/es)
EViRO main office: 03183 Torrevieja, Av. Habaneras 74
+34-665-697-945 (ru/es)
+34-657-788-197 (ru/es)
+34-688-209-833 (ru/es)