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Over the past few years, gypsum lighting fixtures have appeared on the market and have gained popularity not only among ordinary buyers, but also among professional architects and designers.

EViRO lighting fixtures are eco-friendly products having high-quality sculptural gypsum and polymer fiber in their content; fiber is necessary to reinforce the lighting fixture and provide high strength making such a product durable and long lasting. Wide selection of shapes, as well as the fact that EViRO fixtures are painted in any color, makes it possible to use this illuminating equipment as decorative or basic lighting.

EViRO lighting fixtures give the interior a touch of charm and elegance. This is one of the reasons why EViRO gypsum lighting fixtures are more and more often seen not only in residential buildings and apartments, but also in public places: theaters, concert halls, museums, art galleries. It should be considered that the huge demand in EViRO gypsum lighting fixtures can be easily explained by their external beauty, elegance, ability of being painted in any shade, freedom for creativity and the creation of a unique style and interior.

EViRO gypsum lighting fixtures are painted in any color. It is also possible to apply ornamental plaster or art painting. Gypsum lighting fixtures are suitable for different styles of interior: classic, minimalism, high-tech,          baroque, Empire style and others. The distinctive feature of EViRO illuminating equipment is the fact that sculptural gypsum used for the manufacturing process is of the highest quality only. It is exactly the material that makes products breathable.

The advantages of EViRO gypsum lighting fixtures:

  • author's design
  • innovation
  • perfectly smooth surface
  • eco-friendliness
  • incombustibility
  • seamless connection to any surface
  • possibility to apply any material to the surface of the lighting fixture
  • readiness for subsequent painting in any color.

EViRO gypsum lighting fixtures perfectly go with EViRO gypsum panels and gypsum partitions; they are suitable for modern interior and bring perfection to it!!! The exquisite delicate looks, elegant lines, an expressive texture and a choice of patterns — all these are the features of EViRO gypsum lighting fixtures. Modern interior designers often put the main emphasis on the color solution in their projects; EViRO gypsum lighting fixtures are always at hand and allow you to realize your most out of the box design ideas.

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