EViRO corner profile


Country: Republic of Belarus
Manufacturer: EViRO
Name: EViRO corner profile  for lighting niches
Lenght: 1 000 mm
Length: 55 mm 
Length: 20 mm
Material: fiber-reinforced gypsum wall plaster
Combustibility: non-combustible
National Standard: ISO\IEC 17025-2007
Test report: dated 07.12.2018 №3424
Package: bubble wrap + corrugated board
Number of pieces in a package: 10 pcs
Color: natural white
Weight: 2.5 kg
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The EViRO factory is the largest manufacturer of interior decoration items. The company takes full advantage of eco-friendly sculptural gypsum reinforced with glass fiber. For now, the EViRO factory has manufactured a wide range of gypsum products. Apart from that, the company is not losing possibilities to make progress: our professionals are constantly developing further product types and collections. According to the test reports, the certified EViRO gypsum products meet all the requirements for high quality: incombustibility, moisture resistance, geometry, and strength. We are ready to fulfill customized orders of any complexity.

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Please, leave your contact and we will get back to you