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The EViRO factory follows the developments in technology of finishing and cares about the wishes of customers. EViRO designers have decided to add to the collection those gypsum products, which are vitally important during any home improvement or repair — CROWN MOLDINGS and BASEBOARDS.
Molding in plaster was already popular in the XVII century, when natural gypsum baseboards were used in 90% of the rooms of palaces and castles. Such classics cannot be replaced. Over the years gypsum moldings technology has been constantly improving.

Today, EViRO gypsum crown moldings and baseboards help in creating special atmosphere of the interior, whether it is a living room, bathroom, office, or other room. With the help of EViRO gypsum baseboards you make the room look complete. EViRO baseboards and crown moldings are made of natural sculptural gypsum and do not contain harmful chemical substances. Such interior decor maintains the high level of air cleanliness that is required in cleanroom facilities — hospitals, clinics, medical offices. Since EViRO baseboards and crown moldings contain incombustible materials, it is possible to use them in public premises with high fire safety requirements to create eye-catching interiors.

Such EViRO gypsum decor can be of various styles, from minimalism to classicism, which allows them to be used in different interiors. Gypsum crown moldings give expressiveness to walls and make ideal ceiling lines. Any room, regardless of its type, with EViRO gypsum moldings will always be comfortable and cozy.

Gypsum items for room decoration will always be the real art.

EViRO gypsum baseboards can be joined together without a single seam. You can paint them in any color. This material does not shrink and will last for many years. Gypsum baseboards and crown moldings always go well with other finishing materials. They can imitate marble, porcelain, or wood. Thus, you do not need to look for a particular material and spend time and money buying it. You can do anything in gypsum; the main thing is to be creative enough!

The modern world offers endless possibilities for interior decoration. EViRO GYPSUM MOLDINGS are exactly the thing you have been looking for!

Moldings are decorative materials made of gypsum. These items go perfectly with any interior of any style. EViRO gypsum moldings are used to decorate ceilings, walls, mirrors, doors, as well as any other interior items. Moldings will not only give a special touch to even the most ordinary interior, but also hide any defects of walls and ceilings that could arise during renovation or repair.

By using EViRO moldings made of natural sculptural gypsum anyone can achieve ideal seamless surfaces. And since gypsum is easy to color, you can experiment with different shades of it in your room. Gypsum moldings on the wall will not make your interior look massive, but on the contrary, will give it lightness and completeness, which will be appreciated by your guests and loved ones.

The patterns and bas-reliefs of the EViRO gypsum moldings are countless, which permits to make bold decisions and leads to the boundless flight of imagination and originality of ideas!

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Please, leave your contact and we will get back to you

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